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to accomplish any BIG, scary goal
 Take your first 5 steps!
 Take your first 5 steps—
in 5 days or 5 hours!
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Take your First 5 Steps with Progress Coach,
Amy Jones
toward your BIG, Scary Goal (BSG) or anything else you want to accomplish
  • I would encourage anyone to take this to help with ANY goal. It does not have to be a big, scary goal. It can be a mediocre goal - or a tiny goal. All these exercises will help to accomplish ANY goal. It helps make the mind shift we need to accomplish anything we want to accomplish!" —V
  •  "Many of us don't spend the time to actually sit with the overarching concept of what a goal and vision is and all the elements that go on parallel to you declaring a goal. Amy has brought all the elements together in the First 5 steps to your BSG .. Do not consider creating a goal without going through these 5 steps.. you may find that the goal you set out with was never the goal at all.. wouldn't you want to know that before you put all your time, energy and resources towards receiving it in your life? I know I would.. Amy has an integrity of character and staying power that is stunning. Her ability to display strength and the humanity in all this and the Love is so inspiring and astounding.. will you join us? Thank you Amy!" —Nadhira Razack
  •  "This gave me a new perspective into how I view my work toward a bigger goal." —Vicki P
  •  "As a coach, I've taken lots of mindset courses and read many books on goal setting. Amy unique approach simplifies the goal process and makes the journey of progress, simple and filled with victories. The five step process I learned has already impacted my life and I appreciate how easily is is supporting me in gaining clarity and moving forward with progress. Amy gives her whole heart and tells it like it is, speaking from someone who has been there, done that. Her expertise is invaluable and her humor and love are infectious. I dare you to find another soul that makes making progress this much fun!" —M
  •  "This class helped me sort through and prepare for some big goals - though I'm not ready to take the leap into them, I am better prepared and ready to go when it's time. Amy does a great job motivating and listening to us. She's patient and celebrates and supports everyone in this class. I cannot wait to see where I go from here." —Emily
  •  "I've been too shy and scared to step forward toward my Big, Scary Goal in the past. I didn't know how to get past the fear. Amy showed me how to think differently and live from love, not fear." —Kathy the Braver
  •  "So glad I made the time this week, because this was true ME time. Thank you, Amy, for sharing all of this amazing wisdom with us!" —Shiri
  •  "Let me let you in on a are not alone! That big scary goal that you think about in secret and can barely even whisper out loud? I have one too! Through the 5 days of careful and inspiring guidance, Amy will help guide you through the beginning of your journey to greatness. (Or maybe just to being able to say your big scary goal out loud to the world without freaking out. That would be plenty goal enough, if it is yours!) No matter your goal, in small bites, this 5 day program will help you get your thoughts in order and energize your resolve to make positive change in your life!" —S
  •  "This class really tested my commitment. I am so thankful for Step 4, which got so raw. I needed to get serious about my BSG and find my inner belief, and this helped me do exactly that. This class was truly life changing for me." -Winnie B. 
  • "I am so glad that I signed up for this online experience. I was truly excited to watch Amy's share of the day and reading the comments of my fellow classmates. I looked forward to answering the questions honestly and safely. I loved the connection in the group." —A
  •  "I am amazed at how many "aha"s I had during this course! I had a sense of what was blocking me from going for my big, scary goal but this really made it clear for me. Amy also helped me get rid of the fear that this is a big, scary monster under my bed and now I can see my fear for the scaredy-cat that it is. I feel more confident about going after my dream and I feel that I am worthy of having it now. Thank you so much, Amy, for helping me see this whole thing in a loving way!" —Heather
  •  "From taking this class, I can see how these first 5 steps are foundational. I can see that I have not looked at these foundational steps in the past, and I'm thinking that's why progress has been difficult in the past. I'm excited about what is possible moving forward! Wheeee!" —Lynne
  •  "Amy is a wonderful, caring person who can speak to your heart without ever having met you in person. She has been through IT and knows what you're thinking if you're going through IT. The beauty is that she got to the other side—and can help you get there, too!" —P
  •  "Amy is thoughtful, mindful, and genuine. These are the things I admire about her personally- but every word she speaks reflects these internal values, which makes her both lovable and kind. I don't know Amy personally, but I feel like she knows me pretty damn well because she's struggled with the same sorta crap I have. She's a fantastic coach and inspiring and just the right amount of pushy. Her goal is to make YOU MOVE, not MOVE you. I highly recommend paying whatever she asks. There will not be regret." —K
  • "Amy has developed a class that makes sense. She doesn't hand you a template and says "Go do this!", she coaches you through questions and input to finding YOUR way, and YOUR BSG. In the course I figured out that my first BSG is only the first of many. And that I need to know my goal, but not the path. The community it created with others has been priceless and growing in the awareness that we are all just growing along the way has proven itself to be invaluable." —UW
  •  "I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to think about their goals in a different way. The support of Amy and the group show that we all are struggling in the same way, and we call can move forward to getting what we want by being more true to ourselves and honest about our desires." —A
  •  "After the first 5 steps I feel like I'm at the beginning of a journey." —Erica
  •  "My first encounter with “The First 5 Steps to Accomplish Any Big, Scary Goal” surprised me into declaring a big, scary creative goal I didn’t know I had, one that made me gasp. Rather than pushing it aside as unrealistic or unimportant, I took it through the five steps in the course with Amy’s enthusiastic, practical guidance. The progress I made in a week astounded me! My goal came into focus: it's brighter, clearer, and more alluring. It feels more attainable because I now know it was the tricks of my own “Clever Brain” and not some innate defect that stopped me from reaching similar goals in the past, and I have a new way forward. 
  • Yes, this course will inspire you, but you’ll also learn to outwit the fears that have defeated you in the past and act from love, setting your feet firmly on the path to your dream." —Anne
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